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Welcome to the Franchise Success Formula

Hi there and welcome to the Franchise Success Formula. Hopefully, you've come to this site because you have an interest in becoming a Franchisee and are looking for honest and practical advice on how to select and undertake the necessary due diligence on your franchise of choice.

The decision to start your own business is up there in importance with life choices such as getting married, starting a family and the purchase of your home. Decisions that require thought and consideration and not something to be rushed into.

The franchise model is tried and tested and proven to be a safer route into business. However, there can be some serious pitfalls, with some franchises inevitably being better than others (see the "About Me" page for my sad story).

My goal with this site is to help prospective franchisees such as yourself to avoid the pitfalls. You need to be able to cut through the marketing hype and the slick sales talk and really dig deep to ensure that the franchise that you finally choose is the most likely to bring the success that you and your family dream of and deserve.

The best place to start is knowing what questions to ask, why you need to ask them and what answers should you be looking for. To help you with that, I've pulled together the ultimate list of questions for you to download and use as an important part of your due diligence

Why not start your journey by leaving your name and e-mail below. You'll receive seven FREE video's over the coming days with must have tips on the most common mistakes that prospective franchisees make.

Wishing you every success with your franchise

John Field

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