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Questions A Franchisee Needs To Ask About A Franchise

Because if you don't ask, they won't tell

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Questions a Franchisee Needs to Ask About a Franchise

Inevitably when considering a you are going to come up against some really well managed franchises that treat both franchisor and franchisee fairly. That encourage a shared "win win" approach. Other franchises will be very one sided with a strong bias in favour of the franchisor and lastly you'll also come across franchises that are not much more than a total rip off.

So how do you work out which is which?

Questions, questions, questions!!

If you don't go into the due diligence process fully armed with the correct questions then you'll be leaving yourself open to being taken advantage of. I've looked at the two key players, the franchisor and the franchisees and have created the following questions for you to put to them enabling you to make an informed decision before investing in a franchise.

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